Earning wealth and achieving financial freedom is the dream of most of us, if not everyone, on this globe. Financial freedom is having enough money to cover your living expenses without worrying about earning ever. I believe every single one of us on this planet has the ability to achieve financial freedom and we must do our best to get it. It’s a lot easier than you think. It’s not hard at all.

The first step on this journey of financial freedom is to believe in yourself. That means denying all the distractions of thoughts and a firm focus on your goal. This is important because it’s the key to unlocking your true potential. Believing yourself makes your path super easy while self-doubt is self-destruction.

While working for corporations for my living, I never believed in myself. Anything I did then was a result of fear and job insecurity. This broke me completely, physically as well as mentally. There was nothing left in this world for me, except darkness.

But deep inside that dark sea was a white pearl of belief, pure and sacred. This pure hope kept me awake to find the true path of my life. Deep inside me was a thought which always made me feel alive instead of a mechanized robot.

It is a long journey that demands consistency. Every day you learn something new and provoking.

The beginning of the journey of financial freedom

One day I took my first step toward financial freedom. I started believing in myself. Then the miracle happened, a bunch of questions attacked me:

  • How will I pay for my daily expenses?
  • What will happen if my plan fails or I fail to even start my journey the way I thought?
  • When this all-stupid thing is going to happen?
  • Where this path will lead to?

And I had no answer. Even today I don’t have a rock-solid answer to all these questions. I am still searching for my way to financial freedom, but I had something firm and strong enough to start. I strongly believe that there is no one-fit-all answer to these questions. But my own learning will help you make your decisions. My own calculations will help you do your own.

Everyone has their own conditions of expenses, the city they wish to settle, etc. Expense pattern plays an extremely important role in achieving financial freedom. Once you know how to manage your expenses, your journey will be a lot easier.

My belief pushes me to the journey of my own choice. The more I seek an answer, the harder I work. In fact deeper my belief and brighter my goal becomes. FIRE is possible through the practice of financial freedom.

Knowledge Is The Key

I am happy now that I decided to start this journey of financial freedom. Although I am still a seeker in this journey and I love to learn from all the Gurus. Knowledge makes me confident in the journey, in fact.

I learned how to make money in the stock market, P2P lending, Cryptocurrency, Gold, Real estate, and other instruments. Making passive income is the most important key to achieving financial freedom.

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Now I have a question for you: When are you taking your first step?
I’d love to hear from you.

The Journey of financial freedom begins with mastering the art of wealth management.