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How to manage time

How To Buy Time: A Financial overview on How To Manage Time

How to buy time? Or I should say, How to manage time? Are they the same question? Everyone seeking financial freedom asks this question. Buying time has more to do than just managing time. But buying time starts with this common question of how to manage time. The Sooner you get the answer closer you become to your goal. Let’s start with a story in the form of a conversation between a kid and his father. How to buy time is the answer to ‘how to become financially free.’

A kid asked his father who was busy even at home ” How much do you earn per hour dad?”

Dad was in no mood to answer this question to his kid, as this makes no sense. But that was no ordinary kid, he asked again ” Dad, how much do you earn in an hour?”

“Fifty dollars!” Father yelled at his son. The kid ran to his room and his father thought he is gone now. He continued his work. But his son returned with a handful of coins.



“This is fifty dollars I have in my piggy bank…”

“That’s nice son.”

“I want to give it to you now…”


“To play with me for an hour…”

The father was shocked. With tears in his eyes, The father says “I can give you all the happiness of this world. Ask me what do you want?”

The kid said again “Dad, I need you to play with me. That’s the only thing I want.”

You have to solve financial equations

This is the most important question in life: how to buy time? In our day-to-day life what we feel the most important and powerful, is money. We think money can buy anything we want, stuffs as well as happiness. We are so busy making money that we forget to spend life with our family. Or I should say we don’t have time left to spend with family. The child in this story has really well questions about time. He doesn’t want physical stuff or anything other than his father’s time.

From the story, it seems like an emotional dilemma. But in real life, it’s more of a financial problem rather than an emotional problem. To spend time with your family you need to spare time from work. If you are too busy making money you are left with almost no time to spend with your family and friends. The only way you can solve this problem is by solving financial equations rather than solving emotional equations. Once you know how to manage your finance you can easily manage your emotional side of Life.

Time can be correlated with work-life balance. However, there is more to do with buying time than just making a balance between your work and life. The answer to this question, how to buy time has more spectrum than just a work-life balance. In real life, it has a more aggressive approach towards life. Once you have this question in your mind, you are thinking out of the box and actually trying to get more out of your life. You are trying to smash more out of life rather than just taste it with what you have. Instead of just balancing your life you actually want to control your financial condition in such a way that your whole life is financially well and you have never to worry again about selling your time.

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