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Why and How COVID-19 Pandemic Will Not Affect The Economy?

Do you remember old music players? Cassette and electromagnetic tape in a heavy casing controlled by an electro-mechanical system. A set of buttons to receive the command from humans. These buttons cause a lot of problems when dust makes them faulty and inoperable. The magnetic tape would come out from the cassette and wrap in the head or even damage the player, like the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, is affecting our economy. But in a good player, all you need to do is to push the stop button and music will pause for time being, until you want to listen to music again.

COVID-19 pandemic is the worse, but…

COVID-19 has stopped the globe like a bad button in the player, which ruins the tape and breaks the head or even cassette. We are all doing our mathematics and getting the same result, a meshed up economy in every way possible. Reduced cash flow, increased unemployment in the environment of the unpredictable shutdown, means a ruined tape and no hope to play music again. There is the hope of playing faulty music which sounds like ghosts’ harmonica. Do we have any hope left for our economy?

Mathematics is right and calculations might be accurate. But, there is an assumption that is always made: after this COVID-19 shutdown, the economy will take too long to get back on track. Probably, nothing will be the same again. If we try to fit this situation in the tape-player analogy, the tape is ruined now and there is no more hope of playing melodious music again. The only possible outcome is horror music, according to the current scenario and calculations.

There is hope beyond this pandemic

What if the economy behaves like a normal tape and not a ruined tape? What if it starts again from where it was paused? It seems like an impossible thing to happen.

But there is hope. As of now, everything is paused, though it’s ruined in some way as well, and it may start all over again like a paused tape. COVID-19 pandemic is not a result of consistent degradation in the economy and bad decisions like a ruined tape which results due to the bad machine and poor control. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic is like a sudden power failure. And music will start all over again, once the situation is normal, like power resumption.

Everything will start again where it was stopped. Our factories are standby and ready to get the command from consumers; services are ready to serve customers and people are ready to run machines and provide services. One spark in a sector will ignite the flame to run it and this will create a chain reaction to ignite others. There is the hope of continuity in getting jobs again after the COVID-19 pandemic is over. There is a possibility of more jobs after the COVID-19 pandemic to repair the damage caused by this virus. More men will be needed to fulfill the demand which may arise after this period is over. Once this paused economy starts again, it may go up even higher than before.

Hope is brighter

A pause may cause the economy to start slow for some time, but it will not stop the whole process. Fear is a form of motivation that pushes people to perform beyond their boundaries. People in fear of losing their job will work hard to keep themselves safe in hard competition. Labor costs will reduce which will reduce the production cost. Companies will make their services more efficient and effective to remain in the field. The finance sector will work hard to be alive which will result in easy loans for new startups and businesses in need.

The other side of the coin is yet to uncover. The other side is hiding some secrets there. We, humans, always fear of hidden side of the story. While the chance of bad is more, good is what we should believe in. There will be a fresh start. This COVID-19 pandemic is a chance to destroy what is old, bad and outdated for humans. It is a chance to face the mirror bravely and decide what is good for this human race. New ideas will grow up to solve new problems in society. New startups will lead the world.

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