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how to find good stock to invest

How To Find Good Stock To Invest

Investors’ Dilemma

You have some surplus money in your account which you want to invest in. But, you don’t know How To Find Good Stock or which stock in the market is good to invest in. It means the dilemma of invest or not-invest and the solution is how to find a good stock to invest. More than a thousand companies are listed in the stock market in exchanges like BSE and NSE. Certainly, everyone has a lot of questions in mind:

  • What companies are going to return a handsome amount in the future?
  • Which one will be a multibagger in the coming days?
  • Will any of these companies will be the best one for investment?

To find the stock of choice, a thorough analysis is required. So, let’s do this analysis to help us find the stock we want.
A place to find important data is which has a rich database where details of companies are available in a single place and pace of a single click.
Open the research section by clicking on the side panel. This section contains different categories to make research easy and more effective.

You Do Know Company Name

If you have some idea of stocks and you want to research about a specific company, then click on Company Research and enter the company code.

How to find a good stock to invest

For instance, let’s take the State Bank of India as an example here. Company profile, Shareholding pattern, Company snapshot, Financial Ratios, Balance sheet, Investor return, Profit Loss, Quarterly, and Half-yearly results are available here. Now, look carefully at those numbers. Balance sheets, Financial ratios, and Timely results are good to analyze a company’s financial health, above all.

You Want to Take a Different Path

Select Predefined Research if you are not sure about the company and wish to access predefined data. This section categories stocks based on criteria defined based on their performance and financial status.

how to find good stock to invest

A list of all the stocks will be displayed before you when you choose one of the criteria. And you can see their data useful for analysis and selection, before each stock name.

how to find good stock to invest
how to find good stock to invest

This is a very helpful way to find a stock, as most of the time we want a perfect company to invest in based on the financial data. It makes it easy to find even new companies which are doing well financially but not seen by TV analysts, also.

Conclusion: How To Find Good Stock

To sum up, good stock to invest in is easy to find if you know how to play with financial numbers. Certainly, this method explains the way of finding stock and their data. Pick a perfect stock by analyzing the numbers. Similarly, the more you study numbers, the more chance you have to find good stock. While buying a good stock is hard to decide, it is also important to decide when to sell a stock in order to make a profit and prevent major loss. Read What Is The Right Time To Sell A Stock?

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