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the best investment you can make

The Best Investment You Can Make

The most common question people ask is: What is the best investment I can make in order to become rich? I will share my learning with you to find an answer to this question. And I am sure you will find the answer in the end, what the best investment is.

What is it?

Stock Market?
Real Estate?
All of them are eligible as a good investment option. You can find rich people from all the fields above. You can read my article to know more on how to find good stock to invest.

When I first invested in stocks, I was an amateur guy doing it for fun. I made some money in buying and selling stocks which pushed me to play more. As a result, I invested more and more money in the hope of getting more profit. But, suddenly my stock prices went down. How did this happen? I was shocked.

While exploring through the chart of companies, I often regretted not buying a particular stock or not buying a stock at a particular time.
How could I know the perfect stock to buy?
What is the perfect time to buy a stock?
What mistakes did I make in doing all this business?
I was feeling hopeless with all these questions and no answer.

The stock market is dangerous. I was in loss and wanted to quit investing in stocks. I must invest somewhere else, I thought. And then I decided to choose real estate for investment. Real estate is always profitable, people said and I believed. So, I purchased a piece of land near my city. That land was about to return me a lot and recover all my losses. Then demonetization happened!

I didn’t quit this time and asked more questions again and again. And finally, there was a door open for me to answer all the questions.

‘I need to know about stock fundamentals and market behavior. I must acquire knowledge about real estate investing before I buy my next property.’
It was time to train myself before entering the ring. It was time to learn and practice before the real fight.

My action plan was to take a course on share market and stock trading. I became hungry to know everything about the stock market. I took every path to gain this knowledge. Books, internet, seminars and all other possible ways of learning made me more confident about investing in stocks.

Every day I learned something new and realized the mistakes made in the past. I spent a lot of money on courses and books, and I do it today, in fact.

Now I buy a stock based on my knowledge and experience and not because I heard about it somewhere.
This investment always gives me an adequate return. The best investment is to invest in yourself.

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